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  • Please select a 15 minute drop off appointment from the CONSIGNOR LOGIN.  If you have more than 250 items, please select two appointments. If you have more than 500 items, please select three appointments (etc.)  Anyone with over 500 items may be asked to stay at their drop off appointment to help sort some of their items for the sales floor.
  • Drop off appointments fill up quickly so make yours ASAP.  Once they are filled, you will be put on our "Re-stock Consignor" list.

As a Re-Stock Consignor- you still get all the benefits that our regular consignors receive EXCEPT- you won't bring your items until Friday 3/23, which is after the Volunteer and Consignor Pre-sale (so your items miss one day of sales). Also, as a re-stock consignor, once your items are inspected, you will need to stay and place your items into the appropriate departments on the sales floor.

  • When coming to your drop off appointment, please make sure items are bundled together my gender and size. (rubber bands work well).  If this is not done, you will be asked to re-schedule your drop off appointment, If any are still available.
  • We also know that things comes up during the week of the sale, if you miss your drop-off appointment, we will do our very best to fill you in where we can.  However, It will BE VERY LIKELY, that your drop off appointment will be moved to our RE-STOCK drop off date and time, which again, is after the 3/22 pre-sale and at that time you will need to put your items onto the sales floor.
  • During your drop off appointment, you will drive your car into the building and into the actual room where the sale will take place.  You will receive an email with specific instructions as the sale date approaches.

Any unaccepted items will be donated.  If you do not want your unaccepted items donated, you will need to wait at your drop off appointment while we inspect your items.  Please don't be offended if we don’t accept all of your items. Our sale is known for the high quality items we offer.  Please help up maintain this quality – if you would not buy it, please don’t ask us to sell it.


Pick up takes place on Sunday, March 25, 2018 from 4:30pm-6:30pm.  Any items not picked up by 6:30pm will be donated.  NO EXCEPTIONS. They will be sorted per rack, by consignor number, into hundred categories.  So all the 100's will be together, 200's, 300's, etc. You will go to each department to collect your unsold items. We will have clothes and shoes pre-sorted (based on volunteer availability), we plan to have most all other departments pre-sorted, as well.  It would be beneficial for you to bring your unsold item report with you to pick up.  (we will email all consignors closer to the sale , as to how to print this report)  When entering your items into the system for the sale, it would also be in your best interest to enter by category.  For instance- enter all your girl 18 months, then girl 24 months, then boy size 4 and boy size 5, then toys, then women'sclothing, etc. This will make it easier to collect your items from your "unsold item report" at pick up.

Each consignor will be required to check out with a Lucky Duck Staff Member who will go through your unsold items to verify they are yours before you can leave the building. An email with more specifics will be sent to all consignors closer to the sale date.