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This was written as a guide to help answer your questions in getting ready for the sale.  If you have additional questions, please email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

New to Lucky Duck and want to register to consign?  



The most important thing to note: Clothing items must be clean, in excellent condition and in current styles, plus be free from holes, tears, stains, pet hair and smells, to be accepted at the sale.  All non-clothing items must have all pieces and parts, batteries and be CLEAN, or we will not accept them.


We also highly suggest that when you are entering your items online- you do so by category.  For instance- all your girls 18 month clothing, then girls 24 month clothing, then toys, etc.  This will make your pick up process much easier. (If you are not donating what doesn't sell)

Be sure to read the CONSIGNOR BENEFITS to find out how much you can earn on your sold items!

Our CONSIGNOR LOGIN (top right of the home page) is where you do everything! Once registered, you can always sign in under the CONSIGNOR LOGIN on the top right of the homepage.  From the CONSIGNOR LOGIN you will be able to:

  • Log into your account
  • Price items
  • Print Tags
  • Sign up for a Drop Off Appointment
  • Sign up for a Volunteer Shift



  • White paper for printing your tags (colored paper does not work with our scanners- regular white printer paper is best, a slightly heavier pound paper works well, too.)  Lost tags = no sale.
  • Safety pins (No straight pins allowed)
  • Tagging Guns can be used instead of safety pins. (we have some available for purchase- email
  • Hangers- Regular and Pant hangers, child sized and adult sized.
  • A Computer and Printer
  • The items you are consigning
  • Ziplock bags in a variety of sizes to hold pieces and parts of toys, etc.
  • Clear packing tape- to affix tags and to tape bags shut
  • Painters tape or frog tape for taping tags to books or other items that could be ruined by packaging tape.
  • Batteries- each toy/item that require batteries must have them in place and working.  These will be inspected at drop off.



Hangers can be purchased in stores such as Walmart and Target or the Dollar Store.  This is your cheapest option.  However, during sales season it's very hard to find hangers in stores.  You can get them online at places such as  (100 kid hangers for $14, plus $10 shipping)  You may also email us, as we may have hangers available for purchase, while supplies last,

Plastic or wire hangers are acceptable.

We take the hangers off of most items at check out.  At pick up on Sunday, you are welcome to grab a bag of hangers from our hanger boxes, as many hangers as you used for the sale.  First Come- First Served! We can't give you your EXACT hangers back, but you are definitely able to take hangers back to use for the next sale, as available.  PLEASE NOTE-  Those consignors who work a volunteer shift on Sunday 3/25 will get first dibs on hangers.  Any remaining hangers will be up for grabs at pick up.


It is the consignor’s responsibility, as seller of the items, to make sure none of their items have been recalled. At drop-off, each consignor will be required to sign a waiver accepting the liability of the items they bring, and stating they have ensured that none of their items are recalled or do not meet safety standards.


This will help you in preparation and tagging of your items.  We use an online bar coding system to save you time!  You will be able to log onto your account each day of the sale, after reports have been uploaded to see what items you have sold and how much you have made!

  • Make sure to go through closets, dressers, toy boxes, bookshelves, the basement and the garage.  And remember, we market this sale as an “upscale sale.”  Please note that when choosing what items to consign.
  • You must consign at least 25 items, or $150 in value.  You may consign as many items as you would like.
  • The minimum amount that you can charge for a clothing item is $2.  So if you have something that is not worth selling for $2, please don’t plan to consign it.
  • When entering items into inventory you will be able to choose some or all of your items to go for half price on Sunday, if they have not yet sold the previous 3 sale days.

When entering items into inventory you will be able to choose some or all of your items to donate.  (meaning if they do not sell, you would rather donate them to our charity partner then pick them up.)  You will be given a tax form to use for claiming this donation.



All items must be washed, tagged, and hung when coming to your drop-off appointment.  Please make sure all zippers and snaps are in working condition.  Items must be free of stains, smells, holes, fading, piling, pet hair, missing buttons, etc.  Wrinkle-free items sell much quicker than those that do not have hanger-appeal.

Some tips when entering sizes:  Toddler sizes should go under the number (ie: 3T select Size 3)  Double sizes like 8/10 should be categorized under the smaller size (ie: 8/10- select size 8.)  Clothes that are sized by S, M and L should categorize as follows:


  • XS=4
  • S=6
  • M=8
  • L=10
  • XL=12/14



  • S=8
  • M=10
  • L=12
  • XL=14


  • Up to size 6, must be on childsize hangers. 
  • When looking at the item, hang items with hanger hook pointing to the left (like a “?”)
  • A tagging gun is also acceptable. (you may tag items on the clothing tag or in the ARMPIT SEAM ONLY)  We have a limited number of tagging guns available for purchase.  Email us at for details.
  • Pants- it is preferred that you use pant hangers for all pants and skirts.  The other option is to safety pin them to the TOP RUNG of the hanger hanging straight down. DO NOT fold them over the hanger or pin to bottom rung, these pants will not be accepted.  Pins that are hung to the bottom of the hanger will not be accepted either, because the items slides from side to side and is impossible to see on the rack.  Please make sure pants and skirts are secure to the hanger...which is why hangers specifically for pants- are best.
  • Sets- Use a set hanger, or hang shirt and safety pin pants to the back of the hanger.
  • Use safety pins to pin tags to your clothes.  (or a tagging gun in the bag label of the item) No items with straight pins will be accepted.
  • Sets with other accessories (ie: bows, hats, socks, etc.) place in a ziplock bag and safety pin to the back of the hanger. or hold punch through the hanger hook.
  • When pinning tags, they should be placed on the upper, right side of the item, as you are looking at the item, with the hanger looking like a "?"     
  • When using a Tagging gun- only tag through the pit of the right armpit, as you are looking at the item, where the seams meet, or tag through the back tag/label. PLEASE DO NOT poke a hole through the item. This will leave a hole, and will then not be accepted at drop off.



We have re-vamped our women's section and we now have a smaller, more upscale selection of women's clothing.  We ask that you only bring your top 15 women's clothing items for the sale.  If you believe you have more than 15 you would like to bring, please email us at for special permission for that. Remember that EVEN sized clothing is Women's, ODD sized clothing should be catagorized under our "CLOTHING-JUNIORS" catagory.


Must be chosen as such when entering the item into inventory.  Remember that ODD sized clothing is Juniors, EVEN sized clothing belongs in the Women's Clothing Section.


Women's and Junior's Jeans may be brought WITHOUT a hanger, as they will be displayed on tables (so its easy for trying on).  ALL children's pants need to be on hangers (as well as other women's and junior's non-denim pants).  We prefer you to use pant hangers to place your pants on hangers (for bothh kids and women's/juniors/maternity).  If you wish to pin them, you may pin KIDS pants to the hanger, but they must be pinned to the TOP RUNG of the hanger, and insure that they do not slide from side to side.  We do not allow pinning pf women's/junior's or maternity pants to the hanger. This is because we have a fitting room for these items, and it is down right miserable to un-pin and re-pin pants to the hanger throughtout the sale.  BOTTOM LINE- DO NOT PIN ANY WOMEN'S JUNIOR'S OR MATERNITY PANTS TO THE HANGER.  BUY PANT HANGERS FROM US, OR DON'T SELL THEM.


We have a small UNISEX rack, so those newborn outfits and white onesies, that are non-gender specific, please enter them as CLOTHING-UNISEX when entering them into inventory


You can use a set hanger for a 2 piece set, or you can pin the pieces together on one hanger.  Just be certain not to make holes in the garment that will stay after a buyer takes them home.  

We would like onesies to be hung.  If you have a group of onesies, hang one and then pin the rest to the hung onesie.(with a pin on each shoulder so they hang nicely.)  Onesies will sell better when hung in the appropriate size on racks.  You may put onesies in ziplock bags, however, they dont sell as well when shoppers have to fish through baskets of bagged onesies. Girls tights and leggings we also prefer on a hanger- they will be more likely to sell when hung in the correct size, rather then in our "Tights Baskets".


We accept like-new shoes that are in excellent condition.  Shoes that are excessively worn or dirty are not acceptable.   WE NO LONGER ACCEPT SHOES IN ZIPLOCKED BAGS.

-WE PREFER THAT ALL SHOES BE ZIPTIED TOGETHER. (zipties can be purchased at the Dollar Store). Reinforce the top of the tag with packing tape, then hole punch a hole into the tag, slip the zip tie through the hole and connect the pair of shoes together. Not reinforcing the tag with tape makes for a probable loss of tag, which results in no sale.

-If there is no way to ziptie them together, try pinning the shoes toegther.  If this won't work, try zip tying the shoes around eachother.


New for the Fall 2017 sale, we are asking consignors to place thier shoes in the appropriate bin on the sales floor in the shoe section.  So you will put your girl size 3 shoes in the GIRL SIZE 3 bin. Etc.  Then the volunteer assined to SHOES will be inspecting them from there and putting them onto the sales tables.  So, if you are a consignor who brings tons of shoes, it may be advantageous for you to group them by size in shopping bags so you can easily put them where they belong.


Make sure all items are very clean and working properly.  Battery operated items must have working batteries.   Parts should be in ziplock bags, sealed with clear packing tape and securely attached to the main part.  It will not sell if the parts get separated. Include product information or the owner’s manual, if available.   Puzzles, toys, games, etc., must have all the pieces. Do not place tape over the barcode of the tag.


Please only use blue painters tape or green frog tape when taping tags to books and Dvd's, otherwise, any other tape can cause an item to rip. Tape the tag to the front  bottom corner, or the back of the book/dvd.   You can cluster similar books together in plastic bags. Do not place tape over the barcode.  Puzzles can be syran wrapped or put pieces in a baggie and tape the baggie to the puzzle board.


PREPARING LARGE BABY/CHILD EQUIPMENT (e.g. car seats, strollers, bouncers, exer-saucers, furniture, etc.) 

Big items that are not easy for a shopper to carry around with them, will receive a LARGE ITEM CLAIM TICKET at your drop off appointment. You will then tape the tag to the Claim ticket and then attach the claim ticket to your item. (we will have the supplies to do this).  So, in the meantime, safety pin the tag to item.  Include original packaging or manufacturer's instructions with the item, if available.  Consider going to the manufacturer's web site and downloading instructions. Include the original retail price on the tag, so buyers recognize the value.


Package bedding sets together in original zippered bag.  If you no longer have this packaging, you can purchase XXL Ziplock bags.  If possible, place a picture of your bedding on the bag.  Attach the tag to the upper right corner with clear tape.  Do not place tape over the barcode.  Please note- this is the one item at our sale that never seems to sell well.  Please remeber that when pricing your bedding sets.


We suggest putting your blanket on a pants hanger. Hung, they will always sell better. Pin the tag to the top right corner of the blanket.  If they are small receiving blankets, we suggest grouping a few together to help them sell better. (these can be in ziplock bags or on hangers)


Bibs, bottles, bows, socks, newborn hats, etc., can be grouped together in Ziplock bags or secured together with safety pins.  Secure with clear packaging tape and tape tag to the outside of the bag.  Do not place tape over the barcode.


Children's Jewelry can be placed in baggies if it's too hard to attach the tag to the actual item.  Women's jewelry, we ask that you attach the tag to the actual item.  We will be displaying the women's jewelry like a retail store- everything laid out and hung on accessory racks.  So the items not in baggies will look best.


Such as: Matilda Jane, The Good Ones, Mustard Pie, Giggle Moon, Janie and Jack, Crew Cuts, Mini Boden, and more, will be in our boutique section.  If you have these items, please keep them separated out and let us know at your drop off appointment, which items are boutique brands.


We offer each consignor the opportunity to "INSURE" up to 5 items.  Each item must be at least $15 in value and not be marked for donation.  Please keep these items separated out at your drop off appointment.  This simply means Lucky Duck will guarantee you either get paid on or get this item back on Sunday , Oct.1st.  THANK YOU for entrusting us with your high dollar items!



As a general rule, items sell for about 25%-40% of the retail price.  Brand name items, in excellent condition, can be sold for higher prices (40%-60% of retail price).  Infant clothing sized newborn-2T should be priced slightly lower due to the fact of the high volume of those items that we receive.  If it is better brand, like Hanna Andersson, Matilda Jane, Janie & Jack, Crew Cuts, Mustard Pie, Mini Boden....or any other boutique-like brand, items can go for almost 40-80% of the retail price, depending on the condition.

Large outside toys and equipment are in high demand and can bring a better price. (but remember, if it doesn’t sell and you are not donating, you need to come back and pick it up…..wouldn’t you rather it sell??)

If the item is new with tags, typically it can be priced 40-75% of the retail price.  

The best advice we can give you: Ask yourself: “What would I be willing to pay for this item?”  


You have the opportunity to price your items at ½ off your listing price for the final day of the sale, if they haven’t sold for full price in the previous sale days.  Select which items you would like to offer at half price and choose this option when using the software to create your tags.  Items you do not wish to offer at half price will remain at full price for the duration of the sale.

We highly recommend you offer items at half price on the final day.  Shoppers will return for additional bargains on Sunday.  Remember, you took the time to prepare your items, do you really want them back in your house?  CONSIGNOR BONUS: Did you know that on Sunday, 10/1 we will open the doors to our Consignors a half hour early- so that consignors get first dibs on the half off items!


  • If you are a New Consignor- you will need to click NEW CONSIGNORS and get registered for the upcoming sale.
  • If you are a Returning Consignor, you still need to register yourself for the current sale.
  • Click on the "Enter Items and Print Tags" link
  • Enter your Consignor # and Password
  • Click “Work with consigned inventory”
  • You may enter your items all at once or over a period of several days/weeks.
  • Click  “Work with my consigned items”
  • Select “Category”
  • Select “Size” (if appropriate)
  • Enter a description (good descriptions help sell your items) We suggest BRAND first, then Description

            FIRST LINE:        Gap long sleeve shirt

            SECOND LINE:   White w/ pink & blue stripes

  • Enter a price
  • If you want to discount your item to be part of the half-price sale on Saturday, check the “discount” box.
  • If your item does not sell and you want to donate it after the sale, click “donate”.
  • Once you are finished, click on “submit items” and “I’m finished for now.



  • Go to the CONSIGNOR LOGIN tab
  • Choose, "Enter Items and Print tags"
  • Enter your Consignor # and Password
  • Click on “Work with consigned inventory”
  • Click on “Work with my consigned items”
  • Select “Print Tags” (if you have already printed some tags, select “Print selected tags”).  Internet Explorer is the recommended browser.  Unfortunately, tags may print a little “off” from a Mac.  The software developer is aware of the issue and recommends that Internet Explorer browser be used. PLEASE DO NOT USE FIREFOX when working with a MAC.  Tags print wrong.
  • Use white paper for tagging.   NO OTHER COLOR PAPER WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Our scanners will not work with any other color paper.
  • Print tags as they appear- do not re-size or grayscale, or they will not scan.
  • Use one tag per item.  Do not print one tag and make copies for additional like items.
  • Attach tags to your items according to our instructions.  Remember, please no straight pins and no tape over the barcode.
  • Arrange your items in gender and size for easy check-in. (rubber banded together)
  • Make sure you’ve scheduled a drop-off appointment from your Seller Account.
  • If using a MAC.  DO NOT use the firefox browser.  It rearanges tags and descriptions.  We have no idea why.  Our software company siggests not using firefox at all.  Stick with Chrome, or another web browser.


TAG PRINTING:  If you are planning to sell a lot of items, it may be worth it to send them to Office Depot and have them print and cut the tags for you. (depending on how many you have it should be around $3-$8)  To do so: Go to the CONSIGNOR log-in and click ITEM ENTRY AND TAG PRINTING. Put in your Consignor # and password.  Choose PRINT ALL TAGS AS A PDF, Then DISPLAY TAGS FOR PRINTING, Save the file and email it to your closest Office Depot. If printing them on your own, you do not need to save them as a .pdf.  Below is what your printed tag will look like.

LOST TAGS:  Items at the sale that lose their tags, will go into a box.  We always will try to match lost tags to non-tagged items, which is why it is best to have detailed descriptions on your tags.  However, if we can’t, then we will not sell the item.  To make sure tags stay on, it's best to reinforce the pinning area with packaging tape before putting the pin through.  If you mark your items without a detailed description, we will not sell them.  

As a reminder, this is a Consignment Sale.  So people are selling gently used items.  If you are someone who handmakes items, that you sell, this is not part of the CONSIGNMENT end of this sale.  Please look into being a VENDOR to sell those types of items.  We will only allow up to 5 new, handmade items of the same kind, from any one consignor.