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This page was written for those seasoned consignors, who have been consigning with us for multiple sales, and know how Lucky Duck works.  Each sale, Lucky Duck continues to grow and change to best serve our Consignors and Volunteers.  Here are the big changes to note for the Spring 2017 Sale:

If you are new to the Lucky Duck sale- please read the other links to be sure you understand how our sale works.


Significant changes being made to the Spring 2017 Sale:


In the past, we have opend an hour early for half price shopping for Consignors.  The Spring 2017 sale, we will open a half hour early.  So Consigonrs will have a half hour head start to half price shopping.


We know that some of you want to volunteer, but having just had a new baby makes that hard.  We welcome you to wear your baby while you volunteer, however we ask that you choose a date DURING the sale NOT during set up.  Please choose to work, wearing your baby March 24-26.

Significant changes that have been made in the last 18 months:


Just like in the Fall, Our Consignor/Volunter pre-sale will take place on THURSDAY, Public Pre-sale will be FRIDAY and General Sale will be SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.  Pick up is SUNDAY!


We totally understand that things come up the week of the sale.  And we will always do our best to re-schedule those appointments for you.  However, our Spring sale always fills up, so if we can't fit you in, we will re-schedule you as one of our RESTOCK CONSIGNORS. Drop off's for our Restock Consignors happens on Friday 3/24  (This is AFTER the 3/23 Consignor and Volunteer pre-sale) between Noon and 3pm. Once inspected, you will be asked to put your own items onto the sales floor.

Why the change?  We get about 10% re-schedule requests.  And most requests are for a later drop off time.  We always try to accomodate but this puts us really behind in our last minute set up. This usually results in us staying crazy super late to finish up.  It's become too hard on our staff and volunteers, so we can no longer accomodate this. 


As a consignor, you will receive one 6pm pass for you, and one 7pm pass to give away.  If you volunteer to work at least one shift, (which earns you more profit percentage), you can turn your 6pm pass in for a 4:30pm pass.  (The most passes any consignor can earn is two).  This did help tremendously on our pre-sale night in the Spring and made wait times only 20-30 minutes for check out instead of the 1 hour and 45 minute it had been it has been in the past.

Why the change? We believe it is a huge perq to shop our sale on the Consignor/Volunteer pre-sale night.  You get first dibs on the amazing merchandise!  We know long check-out lines are inevitable, but we would like to improve this as much as possible.  Therefore, the most passes any consignor will receive is two.   Please note: if you are a consignor who LOVES to shop with your spouse….have them volunteer…we have many spots available for husbands and would love the help with set up, tear down and security…..this is the ONLY way a husband can receive a pass to come in and shop with his wife at the exact same time.  If volunteering for him doesn't work with his schedule, give him your guest pass, and he can meet you at the sale at 7pm.


First dibs on hangers will be given to those people who work a shift Sunday 3/26/17.  We have a hard time filling those slots.  After your shift you will be able to take some hangers.  If there are any left they will be offered to those who come at pick up on Sunday 3/26 from 4:30-6:30pm.


It was such a beautiful- boutique-like shopping experince at the Sping 2015 sale. We had a great sell through and got a lot of compliments!  So we will continue with this.  We ask that you only bring your top 15 women's clothing items. If you feel you have more than 15 items you would like to consign- please email us with that request. Remember we also accept women's shoes, jewelry and accessories.- ONLY THE BEST PLEASE.  We will be very particular on what we accept in the Women's section.